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Black Diamond Bronze
  • Mail Up To 1000 Members
  • Send A Mail Every 3 Days
  • Earn 10 Credits Per Click
  • Get 200 Monthly Credits
  • Earn 10% Commissions
  • Add 5 Banner & Text Ads
  • Save 5 Mail As A Templates
  • Can't Schedule Emails
  • Can't Transfer Credits
Black Diamond Silver
$17 / Month
  • Mail Up To 2500 Members
  • Send A Mail Every 2 Days
  • Earn 15 Credits Per Click
  • Get 15000 Monthly Credits
  • Earn 25% Commissions
  • Add 10 Banner & Text Ads
  • Save 10 Mails As A Template
  • Schedule Emails For 7 Days
  • Can Transfer Credits
Black Diamond Gold
$27 / Month
  • Mail Up To 5000 Members
  • Send A Mail Every 23 Hours
  • Earn 25 Credits Per Click
  • Get 25000 Monthly Credits
  • Earn 40% Commissions
  • Add 25 Banner & Text Ads
  • Save 15 Mails As A Template
  • Schedule Emails For 30 Days
  • Can Transfer Credits

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